A hidden gem with an excellent sense of local community and authentic Boston neighborhood charm.

Welcome to Roslindale


Roslindale, MA, is a wonderfully unique neighborhood in the Greater Boston Area. Many neighborhoods, townships, and communities in Boston have had a hard time maintaining that "true neighborhood feel," but not Roslindale.

​​​​​​​“Rozzie” as many locals call it, is a gem because it has not changed its spirit over the years. Roslindale has seen the benefits of revitalization but has not lost the staples of what made it feel like an authentic and cultured Boston neighborhood.

Roslindale- A Diverse Boston Neighborhood With Pastoral Charm

Homes for sale in Roslindale, MA, attract all types of homeowners. Because Roslinade does not have the immediate cache’ and name recognition as some of the other Boston neighborhoods, it attracts diverse residents from all walks of life! There are families with long-established roots in the neighborhood but also young professionals, retirees, and a supportive community of artists. 

​​​​​​​With unique topography (rolling hills and valleys), an excellent sense of community, great local shops, and a great dining scene,  Roslindale has it all! I would say Roslindale is a hidden gem, but it’s only become more popular with homebuyers, so it's not going to remain "hidden" for long!

Here are just a few of Roslindale’s more notable attractions: 

  • Roslindale Village
  • Arnold Arboretum
  • Adams Park
  • Pleasant Cafe 

Roslindale Village

Roslindale Village is a charming area of commerce and community in the heart of Roslindale. Roslindale Village is the hot spot for Roslindale businesses. There are plenty of mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, and community-driven events for all residents and non-residents alike to enjoy!

Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum is the oldest public arboretum in North America. This arboretum is the most impressive park in the Greater Boston Area. It’s a true oasis, and once you experience its beauty, peace, and quiet, you’ll make it a go-to destination when you need to escape for some inner peace.

Adams Park

Situated within the Roslindale Village Main Street community, Adams Park is a beautiful little park that plays host to many public events. Almost every weekend you’ll find a farmers market happening in Adams Park. Local farmers, shops, and artists set up tents to share their goods and services with anyone passing by. 

Pleasant Cafe

Ok, if you know, you know. Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale has been a staple of dining in Roslindale for over 80 years. If you see the warm glow of their vintage neon sign, you know your in for a treat. This pizza parlour has a timeless charm, and for many Bostonians, it is in contention for the top pizza place in the whole city!

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