Bill's Pizzeria in Newton Centre is my go-to for lunch when I'm out and about.

Welcome to Newton


Newton is one of Greater Boston’s most sought after cities to live in. The homes are beautiful, the people are wonderful, and there are local businesses galore. Newton, MA real estate is at the top many prospective buyer’s lists because of its: 

  • Proximity to the city of Boston
  • Fantastic school systems
  • Public transportation
  • Deep sense of history
  • Excellent and inclusive community
  • Beautiful, historical properties

How can you not love a city steeped in such history and charming neighborhoods? From Chestnut Hill to Newton Centre, there are parks, ponds, restaurants, and great small businesses to make you feel like you truly belong, even if you’re new to the neighborhood. Don’t forget about Heartbreak Hill for you joggers. This all makes Newton, MA real estate unlike any other market, and a truly great place to call home!

Bill's Pizzeria

Bill's Pizzeria in Newton Centre is my go-to for lunch when I'm out and about. One of the most exciting things about Bill's is that they have gluten-free pizza, which is huge if you know someone that usually can't have pizza. I love their salads and subs too. Basically, you can't go wrong with whatever you pick. If you're in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and grab a slice...I'm a big fan of the Hawaiian Pizza! 

Jake's Falafel Corner

Jake's Falafel Corner in Newton is a particular favorite - they serve really fresh and authentic Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine. The falafel is fantastic, of course, but they've got fun dishes like falafel dogs and great vegetarian roll-ups. My kryptonite dish is a grilled roll-up that they call a Persian've got to try it! They also do great catering platters, which our office orders for open houses all the time. 

​​​​​​​Come to our next open house and we can snack on hummus and grape leaves together.

Barrys Boot Camp

Barry's Boot Camp in Chestnut Hill is my favorite gym. I love their strength & cardio interval workouts - great music and a super high energy experience. I always leave exhausted and it's so fun! If you're looking for a great new way to exercise, definitely check it out. Call me if you want a workout buddy!

Durant-Kenrick House

This historic Newton house is a fascinating spot. It's an old house museum that's been lovingly restored and preserved and gives a sense of Newton over the years since its construction in 1732! I loved all the historical insights - it's got a stone fireplace for cooking, authentic kitchen tools, beautiful gardens and original furniture. One of my favorite things about this historic house is that it's got interesting displays for kids of all ages. There are activities and puzzles that will entertain a toddler or a teenager, and a very helpful staff.

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